A downloadable game for Windows

Emogeon - a reverse clicker game

As the dungeon master your an immortal that cannot be killed so you thought of an idea so you drank the forbidden potion and split into 30 parts 27 minions and 3 dungeon masters you then found 3 heroes whom you will kill yourself in front of.

You then have potions you can drink to weaken yourself however if you are not able to kill yourself within the time limit you regenerate so hurry up and farm to kill yourself.

At the end is a funny plot twist that you should work you way for.


Coder -Teivel Deimo

Artist - Leo LeBlanc

Music Composer/Sfx Designer - Jae

Game Designer - Calamundo

Blue Berry Game Jam


Install instructions

Just open the exe and play enjoy :)


Emogeon.exe 9 MB


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What is a reverse clicker game? I just know some clicker games on FREEGAMES66. This is the first time I know a reverse clicker game. So funny!